Nemanja Glumac

Hello, I am a front-end developer based out of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I tend to approach challenges as an engineer but I look at the world around me as an artist. With strong background in professional photography I pay much attention to UI/UX, while my focus is on scalable and modular CSS architecture and design systems in component based applications.

I am currently open for involvement in long-term projects. Remote work preferred.


Comms (Ljubljana, February 2019 - Present)

Comms is an enormous e-commerce platform with full-fledged CMS system. My role as front-end developer there is to help with VueJS on the client-side. One of the bigger tasks was converting old twig components into Vue, as well as moving forms from PHP to VueJS with added client-side validation (Vee Validate).

The biggest challenge lies in creating a design system flexible enough to serve hundreds of platforms, to work seamlesly across multiple themes and to be able to withstand user input and changes via custom made "page-builder". CSS is written in LESS, with the backup of Bootstrap 3 as a framework of choice. I've introduced BEM methodology to the project (precisely, ITCSS flavour - which is advanced and upgraded version of BEM, with name-spaced classes, OOCSS principles and a strong influence of SMACSS.)

Bitpot d.o.o. (Ljubljana, December 2018 - Present)

I was hired to take over the front-end part of the game development. The whole development team counts just me on the front-end and very experienced full-stack developer on back-end. My role is closely connected with that of the main artist with whom I collaborate on daily basis. This project is being developed in Construct 2 (and lately in Construct 3) which presents a lot of challenges, but it’s been an incredible learning experience at the same time.

Styliff Tech (Ljubljana, June 2018 - October 2018)

I was originally hired to bridge the gap between lead designer and technical teams, while ensuring pixel-perfect implementation of given designs. That resulted in separation of tasks, better focus, better code quality and overall improved ui/ux and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to my enthusiasm, insights and engagement, I was entrusted with a new role as a team lead. Instead of managing developers, I tried very hard to manage outer factors (clients, product owners, incomplete specifications...). We switched from waterfall to agile software development, which resulted in delievery times reduced by up to 33%, streamlined income, predictable budget planning and reduced requirements churn. I encouraged code reviews, open communication and also co-created client onboarding system.

Freelance (Ljubljana, September 2017 - Present)

Self-taught with tremendous help from my friends who are seasoned programmers and who challenge me on a daily basis with progressively harder tasks. Besides programming skills I have learned valuable lessons in time tracking, scrum reports and accountability. I am trying to follow the latest trends and the best practices in the industry, writing clean, maintainable and reusable code. Examples of my work can be examined on my GitHub profile.

*Please note that some of the private repositories/projects are available for inspection upon request. (remote, December 2017 - March 2018) is an image-hosting platform that quickly grew and today it has around 5000 registered users with thousands of images uploaded daily. This project has introduced me to React and improved my Git workflow exponentially. I had to quickly learn and adapt to the React environment in order to keep up with the team.

My responsibilities were to improve semantics of HTML elements and to completely rewrite CSS.

The project is currently on halt, undergoing a complete overhaul. However, original beta can be found at


Next steps


Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Master of Architecture - M.Arch, October 2003 - June 2010